Cca Agreement Request

The Consumer Credit Act gives you the right to request a copy of your credit contract and bank statements. The issue of your CCA agreement is a very long process and you need to look at the circumstances in which you find yourself with your self-financing to see if it is worth it. If you have an older account pending and you think that copying a CCA agreement is the way to go, the account may be late because of age. In this case, there is no point in seeking agreement, as they are unlikely to find it. Hi, Sara, you`ve always been a great help, I hope you can help me again. I received a call from DCA Solicitor to say that his client had found the CCA, but due to the domestic employee, email. I gave them my email and what I received is a 2 page document which is my application for the card. You have already sent me pages and pages of back statements from the year 2000, when I removed the MBNA credit card. they have now given me 14 days to contact them, to arrange payments, but is the application form accepted CCA agreement that I should wait? Please advise me on what to do now. The request was made more than a year ago, but they did not say whether or not the CCA is available until now and it is only a copy of my application that has been sent now. Thank you very much.

If you were planning to make comparison offers for certain debts and hoped that the absence of a CCA agreement could charge them very cheaply, this has been ruled out and you must continue with a more substantial offer. A creditor must, upon request, submit a copy of the agreement within 12 working days, or he can no longer apply the agreement as long as its default persists. You must sew a post order or a cheque for 1 euro to be paid to the creditor/plaintiff. But if you are contacted about a very old debt that is asking for the CCA agreement, that is a very good idea. In January 2019, a new court decision made it more difficult to say whether some old debts are prescribed, so even if you think your debts should be prescribed, it is certainly worth requiring the CCA agreement as another possible defence. The Consumer Credit Act (CCA) gives you the right to obtain a copy of your credit agreement and an account statement for most loans, credit cards, catalogs, Store Cards and Hire Purchase. If a collection company says you owe money but don`t recognize the debts, you should send them a probisse to cover the debts. Here, the CCA is only part of the picture. You can get a copy of the CCA in response – if the name and address of the agreement are yours and you lived at that time, that is good evidence. What I do not want to do is draw their attention to the fact that the address is wrong, because they are simply reconstructing the letter the old-fashioned way – how can I tell them that it is not applicable without them simply repeating the agreement? Hello, I have a DMP with Stepchange.

I owe $7,500 below is $2400 barclaycard and $400 to natwest. I asked for a copy of CCA in April, they told me in May that they are not found, I offered itse PRA group that own the debts 5% of the balances to settle them, they said, NO they want 100% of the money. My default settings for these have just fallen and I don`t want any more. Should I stop paying because they refused the 5% and they can`t find the CCA? Thank you so much for passing the article so often and I checked the document sent, and it`s clearly a copy of my credit application and nothing else.