Royalty Agreement In Arabic

15. This contract can only be amended, amended or terminated by the explicit written agreement of both parties. 8. The translator assures the publisher that no defamatory or defamatory material will be introduced into the translation by the translator who was not present in the original work; that the translator has every right to enter into this agreement; translation is original for the translator. The translator agrees to exempt the publisher from a final judgment by which the translator has violated one of the above guarantees. The publisher undertakes to exempt the translator and to compensate the translator for any legal action, recourse, recourse, means and any related costs or costs, including all legal costs incurred if such actions, claims or means are the result of the content of the original work or the publisher`s right to translate the work. The publisher undertakes to add the translator as insured to any liability insurance applicable to the work. If the translation is only available as printed on demand and/or as an e-book and if the sale has been less than [xx copies] in the previous 12 months, provided the advance has been earned or has elapsed more than three years after the first publication (depending on the previous value), the translator may terminate the agreement within one month. This agreement is concluded on [date] between [translator`s name] (hereafter referred to as “translator”) (hereafter referred to as “translator”), whose address [the translator address] and [the publisher`s name] (hereafter “the publisher”) whose address is [the publisher`s address] is an English translation (`translation`) of the [title of the original work](here`s “the work”) by [the author`s name] (hereafter referred to as “author”) of the [name of the name], currently titled [work title in English].

10. The translator has the right not to examine books, recordings and publisher agreements relevant to the translation more than once in a calendar year, at the translator`s expense, if ten (10) working days are communicated in writing. Notwithstanding the above, the publisher will reimburse the translator, within 30 days, the cost of the examination and the amount owed as a result of the examination if such an examination reveals accounting errors equal to 5 (5) per cent of the amount owed to the translator. Regardless of the amount owed, the publisher agrees to pay the translator all remaining balances within 30 days of the end of the exam.