Usaa Credit Card Agreements

I asked several times what my payment would be and I never gave a direct answer. I was told to multiply my main amount by 1%, and when I did, it was far from what I owed. If I paid him, they`d meet me with $50 late that they could get rid of without fail. I have received several calls a day (sometimes 4 a day) where they are simply hanging on to me. I recently disbursed my card overall and did it and leave errors of 4 cents on the card. They told me smugly that I always owed them $4.72 because of their mistake… These are little games like that that they play with veterans. They will not admit their mistakes and make us pay. I`m trying to pay my husband`s credit card at USAA on the website. My husband had a stroke and is severely disabled. I`ve paid his bill for the last 2 months online, but somehow this month I can`t get it into his account, it`s blocked. I tried the Acct.

Reset, he says he`ll text me the new cell reset. We don`t have a cellular service in which we live, so we can`t receive texts. You`re saying I have to be done by Atty. And I`ll be able to pay his bill. I have to fax it to them. Like many others, I have been a member of USAA for many years and I have had an USAA credit card for about five years. I haven`t used this card in three years. However, the other day I received a call from the USAA, which was trying to collect a balance of 35 $US outstanding, which turns out to be the annual tax for his credit card. Just a little disappointed at USAA they claim to know everything about support service members yet they charge $35 for an annual fee on a credit card they don`t use and then don`t talk to them until they call to try to collect the debt. About a month ago, I noticed on my Bank of America current account (no USAA bank account) that USAA had debited my entire balance of $6,300 on my credit card because of USAA Bank. Notice, I never authorized this. It was all the money I had to pay bills, mortgages, etc.

I immediately checked my USAA credit card account, and I was pretty sure I had a zero balance. What followed were weeks of calls to USAA Bank asking for it to come back and get my money back. Each call assured me that it was the opposite. When I never got the money, I was told they were going to send me a cheque. Two people told me this and I even checked my address for them. So I stopped and waited. I can`t believe all the negative reviews that people have written on the VISA USAA credit card. I really think they are all liars.

A few years ago, I received an USAA credit card with a credit limit of 1500 USD. Please note that I have always paid at least 2 to 3 times the minimum payment each month. Every six months, the USAA increased my credit limit by $500.00 to $3,500. After about two years, they increased my credit limit by $10,000 to $13,500. People, all you have to do is pay more than the minimum payment and pay their payment before the due date. I think if I started to miss the payments, I`d be one of those people who “screwed” USAA. Please people “DO NOT” receive a credit card with this bank! They charge 27.99% per month, not every year. They are as bad as a pay lender. Your payments keep increasing, even if you don`t use the card! They appear on TV as if they were the saviors of veterans when they exploit them.