Zions Bank Deposit Account Agreement

I only get an empty screen under the app`s configuration screen, so biometric options can`t be activated. I`ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and I still don`t have a target. Biometrics (face recognition) is enabled on my iPhone X and works perfectly in other applications. This has been a problem in this application for well over a year and on previous phones for finger recognition. I`m not happy to have a security risk every time I have to open the app and not only re-enter my password, but also not save my connection, even though the connection can be backed up on the login screen. Even though I know I tried to delete and reinstall the app 5 months ago, I thought MAYBE was worth it. Surprisingly, it worked. Obviously, the developer really needs to try to fix these issues without releting the application or, at the very least, sending a message to all mobile customers in the app that the error cannot be fixed only by an update. Why so many people waste time when you know a solution and it happens with a wide range of users for iPhones??? Do you really think there are a lot of users who are willing to spend this kind of time talking to you about your mistake? Make your customers a zions bank favor and a little more proactive in this. This application is for account holders of the Bank of Zions. Immediately look at your account balance, deposit cheques (certain restrictions and restrictions apply) with your camera, pay the bills and make transfers between Zion`s internal bank accounts and even with external accounts.

I`ve been a client of Zion for over 15 years. It was such a beautiful bank that although I moved east (for my work) and the nearest bank is now more than 800 miles away, I continued to go bankrupt with Zions. This application is almost like with a local banking agency in my pocket. Each function works simply and very easy to use, with intuitively grouped functions. My only reluctance, however, is that some of the navigation tags leave something to be desired. Once you have used the app to navigate a little in the application is simple and natural. As I said, using a feature in the app is easy to find the functionality in the app can be difficult until you have used the app several times and become familiar with it. The app has some really great features and takes care of all my needs. I am able to monitor and manage my accounts in a simple and proactive way exactly as I prefer. But it often expels me. It never recognizes my fingerprints and does not store unlock/opening/connection settings. I have no problem with that on other apps on my phone.

Registration is my biggest problem with the app because it breaks down and doesn`t always get me into my accounts. The app is easy to navigate. The application is correct with my account statement and account information. It always saved me a trip to the bank – easy to manage money with my phone.