Dalhousie Thesis Licence Agreement

Specific paper forms are required by the FGS before the online submission of a final thesis can be completed. The original signed forms are kept in the student`s file. NEW: Effective April 13, 2015, the Library and Archives Canada Theses Non-Exclusive License form is removed. The UBC Library has signed an agreement with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and amended the cIRcle license to include deposit at LAC. The FGS does not coordinate the end-of-studies work, but interested students can apply directly to a binding company. Thesis information form (pdf). Basic student information, graduation or thesis thesis title and selection of the format style guide. These updated forms must be used for filing from autumn 2020. Changes include formatting choices, defense information for the committee, and the SJSU license agreement. All three forms in the package are required.

IRB or IACUC Approval Letter (if applicable) If human or animal subjects have participated in the research for your graduation thesis, you must prove that you have obtained the necessary permission before conducting your research and collecting data. Authorization is required either by SJSU Master`s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines (pdf). Must be read by all students who plan to submit a master`s thesis or doctoral thesis to postgraduate studies for examination. The SJSU thesis guidelines also contain templates for the introductory pages of your dissertation or dissertation to be followed. The CIRcle non-Exclusive Distribution License is used for all submissions to cIRcle. You accept this click-through license when you upload your final thesis or thesis. Doctoral thesis SJSU License Agreement (pdf). Updated to include several different embargo options under University Directive S14-10. Please complete the information package on the final thesis. The end-of-studies thesis information package must be attached as a separate appendix when you send your graduation thesis to the College of Graduation Studies for the first time (i.e.

do not include the forms in your thesis document). . . .