Nowadays the businesses around us are focusing only its key activities – to achieve maximum efficiency. This tendency easily could be realized with outsourcing IT services (IT outsourcing),  here a company asks an external resource/solution provider to build up and maintain their IT infrastructure. This is needed because of the cost reduction and for the companies to allocate their resources even more to the business processes.

Printer-fair Ltd. supports cloud solutions and implementation and simple IT-operation. Our highly experienced specialists support to serve our Customers’ needs with remote connection and on-site presence.

You need Printer-fair Ltd.:

  • – if you would like that your IT system has been controled by a reliable team which works on a high professional level for   ages;
  • – if you would like that we take your IT tasks from your company or system administrator;
  • – if you would like a technical support from an outsoucing-expert team who can provide global solution for any kind of IT –   technology problem;
  • – if you would like a predictable spending with a fixed, monthly fee plan.

Printer-fair Ltd. provides:

Full IT outsourcing

  • – deliver, integrate and operate for hardware and software devices and overall solutions (server, client, network   devices)
  • – procure and operate for office devices (printer, scanner, fax)
  • – design and control phone network (VoIP voice service, software, hardware PBX solutions)
  • – unique softwares and application development