Complete server environment virtualization with Vmware and Hyper-V solutions. We do everything from planning to operation.

What is virtualization?

Usually the servers architecture allows running only one operation system. The server virtualization could resolve this one to one architecture limit like separating the operation system and the applications from the hardvare level in an abstract way. The new server environment will be cost effective, mobile and simple. You can run several operation system on one server with this virtulaization and all of them could have access to the basic server’s resources.

The potential of the powerful servers come out freely with this server virtualization. Most of the servers are using 15% of its capacity. We can use the other 85% resource with virtualization!

With the VMware vSphere complete server virtualization platform you can:

  • -Use 80% more your server’s resources
  • -Have 50% cost and performance saving
  • -Have 10:1 or better server consolidation rate

Your work could be easier in operation and softwer development because more operation system can run at the same time. You can easily test different platforms. You can save instant system status with Snapshot and can come back any time.

The disused programs can be used on relevant platforms with virtualization.

The virtualization can give a great support for you during data recovery because you can copy a virtual machine (with all settings) – like a library – to an external storage (USB, HDD). If its needed server parks can restore with all its settings.