Relational database based glossary basis registry/publisher system

The main goal of the development

The relational database based glossary basis registry/pulisher system’s – developed by Printer-fair Ltd. – main goal to support and make transparent with the report of the organizations: the service report or commonly known data retrieval responsibility related informations. To create a report is often a time-consuming task but this knowledge base can help, accelerate the user’s work to concrete the necessary guidance for the filling and the source of the filling datas; or to store the  previous data service in a central repository. In this way these can be a reachable base for the next filling, can be available as a sample.

The development of the Relational database based glossary basis registry/publisher system we can achieve a significant added value impact for the interdisciplinary knowledge, the served industry and IT sector collective knowledge set development.
The appropriate use of this intermediate area can decrease the „communication gap” between the IT and the served industry.

The freedom of the system

The whole system freely defined, configurable so we can define with configuration other entity types or attribute of these. So the meaning services have created in the notion based publication like the frequency, time, recipient of the meaning service.  This allows us to build optional registers in the system. The huge benefit of the system is that the entity types – created by the configuration of the system – attribute of these are the common tables of the relational database management, column of this! The common files the relation database-management are manageable with the usual selection, data processing method in the systems! We can build the organization structured knowledge base with the system.
The system contains an integrated document library where we can store concrete reports too. The concrete meaning services not affect the all staff of the organization or there could be report services which contains not public datas. Therefore we created a special role: to this we order the meaning service’s viewing maintenance right.

The development contributes to the new use of the new and existing knowledge. The  appeared content can be capable like the Wiki systems with the developed system’s help, so the developed knowledge base  – beside good editing – will create the conent-form unit what you can easily find in the encyclopedia. This is essential to the knowledge transfer. Today’s fast moving world the faster, clearer transmission of the informaiton is more important.

Functional structure

This is a client-server based program. The database located on the server and the client users can access it through the internet. This model allows to store and update every datas in one place. So there is always  up to date datas available for the users. There is stored the report’s important basic and optional placed other informal information in the technical database. The access to datas is controlled by rights.
The is possible for the users to set different unique selection criterias so they can list and use those datas effectively what they need. The program allows to add and   manage optional report type by the needs of the place of employment (target area).

Glossary, stocks which are constituent the knowledge base

The glossary which organically integrated in the system is what create the coherent and obvious base of the communication.  To define the concepts exactly  help to avoid the misunderstandings. The usual clear format in encyclopedias, the content-form unit offer a possibility to a fast transmission of information. When replicate the concepts we can refer other stocks defined in the system not only concepts. And vice versa: we can refer to concepts in an column which contains inforamation in a stock knowledge base. An expanded sence there is possible to refer from every stock to other stock’s elements. The references in the system is  both the referring and the referenced side navigated connection. The connections can be graded to connection type: e.g. the references located in the concept  source information field are transferred to the concept-source connection type.       From the referenced item there is qualified visible, that which concept’s source is this.

The concepts, like categories. Categorization, like the basis of the items effective search

There cause difficulty to find – with a tradicional method – the items located in the stocks (e.g. reports) in a conventional system that these can be reachable through a complex folder/menu system. The folder/menu’s classification system is usually hierarchical. In a complex, even more level contained hierarchical classification  system only those users can read in the system who knows it well. That user can  easily find the necessary items for itself who often use the system. The situation has been further complicated that the searchable items, in our case the queries can be in many separated application/location. There is necessary to have separately rights to reach those or there are different the menu/folder system’s structure too.

The occurrences of the entity type are collectable and will be stored in this library on one authentic place. So the meanings, concepts (article), external hyperlinks, documents, or the created elements made by unique parameters. The interest elements to us can be found in these occurrence. Beside the search a classification system by category is support the proper occurrences finding. To list an element to category  there is possible to use a multiple classification too like in the encyclopedia. There is also a possibility for multiple categorization according to the hierarchical classification system. The categorized element will be limited to the joint-section of the multiple set. This is often reduce to a suitable size the number of the searched occurrences: this would be relevant for the successful/fast searching point of view. We describe the transfer to category in simple context: the enduser will get an easy applicable text. The category listed references placed in the text is     A szövegben elhelyezett, kategóriákba sorolási hivatkozások természetesen a számítógépnek feldolgozható strukturált információ!


Document library module

One relational stand (panel) to one occurrence (one line of a panel) relating documents called attachment, can attach as a list in the used relational database server technology based applications  Unfortunately this list often not has enough information: but the documents could have comments.  Several ten or hundred size document often appropriate to organize in an individual structure to be review.   The list display from the documentum reference allocated in the context as a statement is available automatically. This list can filter and organize according to the usual  relational database.
The documents allocated in the document library will store in version. The reference always valid to the highest version document. The referred document is displayed with the usual hyperlink. This document opens with a click on the link.


The organization knowledge base’s one important part is the application’s URL. These can be available on internet, intranet or other browser separate from the reports concept based registration system. The users can store these URL on their  browser’s bookmark or favorite. We prioritize the external URL ‘s automatic creation beside the manual input in our report published wiki knowledge base. The references will be highlighted which used for the concepts, reports documentation: the  organization’s important reference library has built.
Enduser modifiable help system

The RDBMS-Wiki hybrid technology would offer an excellent base to develop the help system which can modify by a user. The help texts are written in free text markup language in this implementation mode. As the system allows to modify the  descriptions, we allow to the system administration users to modify those. The important parts for the organization will be highlighted with this method. As the framework offers opportunity to link the optional stands occurrence, therefore we can refer in a help text to the occurrence prepared for sample. We can create the help text also to the fields on the display not just onto the stands maintenance display program.

Multi-language support

As we would like to implement the system to foreign markets the possibility of a multilingual visualization was an important point. There is not requirement to a  knowledge base that a system can visualise the stored datas at the same time, on more languages. Multilingualism means that the system installation could be possible not only Hungarian.

Mobil user interface

Today’s fast moving world the function of the smartphones is getting bigger. As the system available via browser therefore the browser based user interface usable on mobile device too. But the browser usage on the smartphone is not optimal because of the small sizes: we have to move the viewed page many times, many ways, zoom in and zoom out. That’s why set up a Windows Phone implemented application – for querying the main elements – what is optimized to the smartphone’s small display. It’s usage is the same as according to the smartphones.