IP Telephone

  • Telephone

    For those customers who have broadband internet connection we offer this VOIP based calling option.

    There is no entry fee, no switching fee, the accounting is second based!
    If you use IP based phone your calling cost will be much lower. It can be 60-70% saving for the users.

    * The user get a 6 or 7 digit phone number from the available area ( eg. 33 26 1) and it is possible to call him/her on this.
    * Low subscription fee (HUF 990) (Only for retail subscriber)
    * There is no complicated prefix numbers
    * Fax and answering machine can be attach
    * Even professional, office devices can be order
    * Number portability (you can keep you existed phone numbers!)


    The service can be available in 3 way:

    1. with IP phone
    2. with Analog phone attached to the ATA unit(Analog Terminal Adapter) or with VoIP router
    3. with Headset, USB phone (this time computer needed)

    Unique solutions
    * Connecting sites on the internet with encrypted data channel (VPN)

  • Virtual PBX

    Cloud-based virtual PBX services

    Printer-fair Ltd.’s cloud-based virtual PBX solution provide virtual PBX service system for you. The meaning of virtual in this case that the communication is useing an existing internet connection and the VoIP phones and equipments are linked to our high capacity PBX system whitch is located in an internet node.

    Our cloud-based virtual PBX is the same in configuration and usage as tradicional PBX solutions. The main difference between the two solutions is the cost of investment. Our system’s configuration has no cost and the monthly charge depends on the number of required and arranged phone numbers, extensions and fax lines. The virtual PBX system is the most convinient and flexible solution: you don’t have to deal with the number of the main lines and the extensions. You only use what you need.

    You can configure your virtual PBX on a common web interface with Printer-fair Ltd.’s miniPBX and maxiPBX solution.

    Printer-fair Ltd. can also provide your experienced positives for your mobile calls. We send you the already configurated VoIP-GSM gateway where you have to put only your GSM card. Connect your adapter to the internet and you can start your call – using the optimum price or free – through your virtual PBX.

    You can enjoy the paperless faxing through your virtual PBX too. Simply print what you want to fax onto your virtual printer and the virtual PBX will send the documentation to the recipient’s fax machine. You don’t need expensive fax machine, because your virtual PBX will receive and forward the faxes what is sent for you via e-mail. Print out only when you really need it! You not run out of paper, not run out of ink!

    Be everywhere in the world you can take your virtual PBX extension with you. You will never miss an important conversation and your cost is the same as being at home. Don’t forget when you order your pizza not to deliver to your home!

    You have to secure your calls or operate a customer service? Printer-fair Ltd. also has a solution for that!

  • Private Main Line

    If you don’t want to take our PBX solutions we can provide single phone lines for you whether it’s a new number or your existed numbers take in to us. You can use the phone lines supplied by us with free software client on your computer or a very modern and intuitive IP phone. (If your don’t have such a device, fell free to call us for help.) If you don’t want to change you existing analog phone, we give you an ATA adapter which you can use them without a problem.

  • Trunk

    If your company as big as you have your own VoIP PBX you can take out your newly bought or took in numbers through Trunk connection.

  • Outsourced PBX

    If your want more service than our Virtual PBX we will offer you our outsourced, private  developed PBX solutions even in virtual environment (Vmware).

  • PBX sale

    Are you distrust for internet calling options and insist your existed lines? In this case we will offer you well known manufacturer’s hardware phones from the planning to the implementation.