Project summary

PATER is developed on the basis of previous developments and researches. Its predecessors, DOS version of PATER and a latter Windows-capable “WinPater 2.0” was also programmed with strong co-operation with MÁV CRTI Ltd. The professional and working experiences of nearly 2 decades in the railway management are also used during the software development, as well as the practical experiences of the railway companies who introduced these systems (MÁV – Hungarian State Railways, HŽ – Croatian State Railways).

PATER combines the collected experiences with the demands of railway companies, built on the latest software technologies.

The most important and hopefully successful part of the product is that it can handle the whole process from the registration of technical and infrastructural data through the analysis of measure data, via the proposed schedule of maintenance work based on real track conditions, the estimated calculation of expenses and main budget, to the statistical reports of the tasks done. All these functions are available to the end users on an intuitive, easy-to-use, modern user interface. The software helps the job of track operators and decision-makers as well.

PATER modules

The program provides modules for several sub-systems. These systems can be used intergated, to ensure the overall view by several aspects what a railway professional can investigate on a track. The modules are:

  • Registering and maintaining network, infrastructural and technical data (Infrastructure database)
  • Registering and keeping measure data up-to-date (Measure database)
  • The overall view of track speed conditions (Traffic safety)
  • Planning of necessary maintenance work (Work suggestion)
  • Calculating the estimated expenses and determining the technology to use (Technology and costs)
  • Reporting and analyzing the business processes (Business intelligence)


PATER can be easily adapted to any technical requirements of a railway company. Its user interface can be translated to any languages, thus besides English all users can use it in their national languages. Are there any specific technical parameters, isolated or unique measure systems, or even unknown future demands from the managers of the railway company? No problem, PATER can be customized in such ways, too. With a co-ordinated development, PATER can benefit for any railway companies. For further information, please contact us.

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